3 Reasons to Embrace Printastic

I loooove print. Whether you have a penchant for florals or geometrics this season there is a print for everyone.

Printastic 2

L- R: Saba Citrus Floral Dress $249.00, David Lawrence Jonie Print Top $139.00, Saba Botanic Biker Jacket $299.00, Country Road Oriental Print Skirt $129.00, Country Road Leaf Print Tote $45.00, French Connection Jumpsuit $129.95.

Printastic 1

L – R: Sportscraft Drape Print Jacket $160.30, David Lawrence Atelier Reptile Blocked Hem Dress $299.00, Seed Printed Tote $89.00, Marcs Silk Scarf Print Shirt $169.00, Country Road Eden Double Strap Heel $127.00, Country Road Tribal Print Skirt $79.95

There are many reasons to embrace print, it’s is fun and expresses our style and personality but here are my top 3 reasons to embrace the PRINTASTIC.

Interesting colour combinations

Do you find putting together new or interesting colour combinations a little tricky? Do you avoid buying a particular colour because you can’t think what you would wear it with? Prints and patterns are fantastic for learning how to combine colour and often in unexpected ways. Use your printed piece as a guide and have fun combining it with colours already contained in it. For example, if you are looking to create medium contrast combine your print with a neutral tone from the pattern. If you wish to create a high contrast (wow effect) combine the print with one of the brighter or bolder colours.

When choosing a pattern or print don’t worry too much if not every colour is within your colour palette. It’s the 80/20 rule – only 80% of the colour in the print needs to be within your colour palette in order for it to be right for you.

Focal points

Prints make fantastic focal points. Focal points are elements of an outfit that attracts attention and can include a brighter or lighter colours, accessories (such as jewellery) or prints/patterns. Focal points are used to draw the eye to those areas we want people to look at – in most cases that is our faces as it makes us appear taller and leaner (bonus!).

Creating proportions

As print is a focal point it can be used to enhance your proportions by creating the illusion of width (yes we sometimes want to create width in order to create desirable proportions). For example, if your horizontal body shape is a triangle (the majority of women) where your bust is proportionately smaller than your hips then to create the illusion of an hour-glass figure (bust and hips are in proportion) you would want to create width above the waist and print is a fantastic way to do that.

Printed pants for example are great for ladies who are an inverted triangle (hips are proportionally smaller than bust) as they create width to the lower half of the body to create an hour-glass figure.




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