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What do I wear with this? Floral Shoes

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 /

Do you have a great piece in your wardrobe but you never wear it because you’re not sure what to wear with it? You love it, the piece fits perfectly and it’s a great colour so why doesn’t it work?

Often the solution is right in front of you. Sometimes it’s as simple as playing in your wardrobe and experimenting with what you already have. At other times you may need to invest in one or two pieces to make it work . If this is the case think strategically as any pieces that you introduce should go with at least three other items. If you are buying something to save one piece (unless you absolutely love it), it’s probably not worth the investment.

A big thank you to Lisa for volunteering her ‘tricky’ piece – floral heels from one of my favourite online retailers Modcloth. I have noticed that a lot of clients find it tricky to ‘match’ patterned or print pieces and often team them with black. A print or pattern is the perfect way to find new and interesting ways to play with colour. So it was with glee that I took a peek in Lisa’s wardrobe and hopped online to make a few more suggestions on what to wear with her ‘tricky’ piece.

The piece

Fabulous floral t-bar heels from Modcloth with a retro/feminine feel.



How do I wear it?

These heels are great for Autumn/Winter with their dark base and earthy floral tones. I recommend using these tones as a jumping off point for choosing colours such as mid to dark browns, orange, purple, warm pinks and green. From smart casual to smart these heels work really well with skirts and dresses. You can also wear them with trousers but depending on the length they may lose their impact. I’d steer clear of wearing them with jeans.


Lisa really understands the colours that work for her and had a lot of pieces in the right tones to complement the shoes. My favourite is the orange red dress as it’s a great colour and shape. Lisa looks stunning.


Here are the other beautiful pieces that we found in Lisa’s wardrobe that work brilliantly with the shoes.

IMG_0206IMG_0204IMG_0201IMG_0198 IMG_0196IMG_0191 IMG_0188 IMG_0189IMG_0187

Lisa has lots of great tops and accessories to go with her shoes but we felt like we should look at a few more skirt and dress options. This is what I found:

Modcloth Soda Fountain Dress in Grape $53 Alannah Hill Dinner Date Skirt $299.00

Modcloth Pine All Mine in Evergreen $180.00 The Darling Sisters Boutique Camel Coat $300.00

L-R: Modcloth Soda Fountain Dress in Grape $53.00, Alannah Hill Dinner Date Skirt $299.00, Modcloth Pine All Mine Dress in Evergreen $180.00, The Darling Sisters’ Boutique Camel Coat $300.00.


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