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Smashing The Sales

Tuesday, December 16, 2014 /

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When it comes to sales shopping it’s elbows out and let the battle begin. The last thing we want after all that effort is to come home with bags of stuff that you don’t really need or love. How do we avoid the frenzied desire to splurge? Follow these simple steps and your sales experience will be much more rewarding.

Wardrobe review

Start thinking about what you need now. Review your wardrobe and identify which items need to be replaced and what is missing. Are there items in your wardrobe that you love but never wear because you don’t have the right pair of shoes or pants to wear with it? If you purchased that missing item would you be able to team it with at least 3 other pieces? If the answer is ‘yes’ then add it to the shopping list.

Don’t forget to add underwear and hosiery as it is often these hard working pieces that can make or break an outfit. I have seen many great pieces laying dormant in a wardrobe waiting for a great strapless bra to liberate them.

Do your research

Once you have finalised your shopping list it’s time to do a little online reconnaissance. Search your favourite stores and if the item is a little obscure try where you can enter specific details and the site searches stores worldwide for your item. Doing your research means that you can set a realistic budget and prioritise your shopping list.

Cost per wear

It’s not a bargain if you don’t need it or never wear it. A great fitting pair of black trousers on sale for $150 will be worn on average once a week over a year will cost $2.88 per wear. However, if you purchase a pair of black trousers that are poor quality for $69 and you only wear them 5 times before they start to look worn they will cost you $13.80 per wear.

If an item I love is on sale and no longer available in my size I will buy it in a bigger size and have it altered. I did this with a great Whistles dress from ASOS which I had been eyeing off for some time. On sale it was 60% off and the alteration cost me $40. I have worn that dress at least 25 times. Definitely met my cost per wear criteria and one of my favourite sales strategies.

Don’t buy it in every colour

I visit many wardrobes and it is amazing to see how many of them are able to clone items such as black t-shirts. If you love an item and it’s the perfect fit then perhaps buying two is acceptable. Buying the same item in every colour and multiples of 3 can lead to boredom. Instead buy pieces that you love, you’ll find that excitement with your wardrobe again and amazingly (if you are being true to your style personality) everything will mix and match.

Wear comfortable shoes

You will be walking, changing, strutting and admiring yourself for a good portion of the day. So do yourself a favour, wear comfortable shoes, great underwear and stay hydrated (trail mix is also recommended).

Don’t forget the accessories

It’s the accessories that make an outfit and define your style. Luckily, accessories are usually the best bargains to be found during sale time. This is the time to invest in shoes and bags.

Have fun!




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