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Six reasons why you should book a Style Liberation Colour Analysis session

Monday, October 24, 2016 /

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A Style Liberation Colour Analysis session will not only enlighten you as to which colours suit you best. We will have you clued-up in no time and confident in choosing whether those colours should be cool or warm (temperature); dark or light (depth); clear or muted (intensity); and how you should mix those colours for your best combinations (contrast levels).

There are so many reasons why knowing your best colour temperature, depth, intensity and contrast levels could change your life. I speak from stark experience, as referenced in these photos of me pre-colour intervention (28yrs) versus me post-colour intervention (40yrs). What a difference colour can make!

For those who need more evidence (although I can’t imagine why), knowing and buying garments in your personal colours and contrast levels means:

  1. Everything in your wardrobe will mix and match: no more garment ‘orphans’ which require you to buy something new just so you can wear it;
  2. Saving cash: discovering the colours that flatter you will mean you avoid forking out for garment mistakes that end up languishing in your wardrobe, unloved and unworn, with the constant reminder of an attached price tag;
  3. Saving time: imagine walking into a store and being able to scan it in seconds to establish whether they have anything for you?;
  4. You can create great capsule wardrobes: mixing and matching means no more laboring over what to wear to work or what to take away on holidays;
  5. You will project to the world a truer impression of you: colour psychology (i.e. the impact of colour on your own and other’s mood and perceptions) is well researched and hence, big companies spend a lot of money working on their branding – including what colours to use. The colours we wear can have just as much impact on how people perceive you; and last, but not least
  6. You’ll look fabulous: wearing the wrong or right colours can be the difference between looking like you need a sick day or like you’ve just returned from Tahiti.

But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Here’s a little ditty from our wonderful client, Angela O:

 “The Style Liberation colour session was a lot of fun and very relaxing. As somebody who loves to shop for clothes (and bargains!) I’ve never really thought about the role that colour plays in making me look ‘alive’ or a little ‘frumpy’. I could immediately see the impact that the wrong colour or shade had on my complexion…best of all I don’t need to remember a complicated palette of colours as the take-home swatches are small and simple; I’ll keep them in my handbag when shopping always!”

If you’d like to reap these and other benefits, book your Style Liberation Colour Analysis. You can book an individual session here or book a spot at one of our upcoming group sessions in Sydney (18th February 2017),  Canberra (26th March 2017) or Brisbane (26th March 2017). Go on! It will be fun. We promise!

In the meantime download your free copy of 35+ Where to Shop. It’s a free guide, that classifies over 80 retailers by style personality, colour palette, body shape and dress code. We’ll find the perfect stores for you. Download it here.


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