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How not to pack: Excess baggage alert!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 /


Example of a Capsule Wardrobe



I must admit, in the past, I was ‘that person’. You know the one? Struggling to haul their suitcase off the baggage carousel, a smidge mortified by the bright orange “Very Heavy” tag swinging from the handle. I stared in awe and wonder at those people jetting off with just a small carry-on bag. “They either have a full wardrobe waiting for them at their destination or they’re nudists,” I would think to myself. How could they possibly have everything they need in such a small bag?

I was under the illusion that more garments meant more options. It wasn’t until I went through my ‘Style Liberation’ that I learnt I could have just as much choice in a small carry-on bag as I did in 20-something kilos of ill-thought out, mish-mashed jumble of items. And those choices are far less stressful!

Fast-forward 10 years and now it’s me, rather smugly I might add, walking straight into the airport and onto the plane, with just my wee wheelie bag. Why? Because I know my Style Personality, colour palette and body shape. This means, every thing I own and buy mixes and matches in terms of style, shape and colour – the cornerstone of the perfect capsule wardrobe.

What is a capsule wardrobe? It’s a combination of 12 or so versatile items that mix and match perfectly, giving you endless possibilities at home or away. The capsule wardrobe shown here, 20 items, including shoes and accessories, will provide the wearer with endless outfit options, taking the wearer from day to night, formal to casual.

Capsule Wardrobe Presentation November 2016 (3)

Style Liberation will be hosting Capsule Wardrobe Workshops in Brisbane and Canberra on Friday 3 March from 6pm. To book click here, or call Fiona at Style Liberation Canberra (0422 633 659) or Kristi in Brisbane (0420 989 500).

In the meantime download your free copy of 35+ Where to Shop. It’s a free guide, that classifies over 80 retailers by style personality, colour palette, body shape and dress code. We’ll find the perfect stores for you. Download it here.


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