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Ms V’s Shopping Bag

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 /

Ms V's Shopping Bag


Ms V’s Shopping Bag by styleliberation featuring block heel pumps

I had the pleasure of shopping with Ms V a couple of weeks ago. The brief was to create a capsule work wardrobe based on an alternative colour to black. We focussed on the finding the base pieces that could be easily mixed and matched with future purchases. As you can see she has enough blue now! From now on the focus is on adding other complementary colours to the mix such as purple, pinks, blush etc. We’ve worked out that the items above create at least 25 outfits – not bad for 12 pieces. Add a cream jacket and you have another 13 outfits!

The essentials:

Style Personality: Natural/Classic/Elegant

Colour palette: Possibly Cool, Muted & Light

Body Shape: Rectangle

Size: 10 -12

Our favourite purchase was the navy suit from Jigsaw (especially as there are two jacket options). The suit pant is structured and taped which gives it a really modern look. It also means that you can wear them without the suit jacket (for a more casual look) and they don’t look like suit pants. The other fantastic bonus with this suit is that it also comes with another more traditional looking matching jacket option. So versatile. Navy is a great alternative to black and a neutral to boot – so there are lots of colour combinations that you can experiment with.

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