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Six reasons why you should have your colours ‘done’.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 /

Copy of What a difference colour can make! What a difference colour can make! Fiona

Having your colours ‘done’ will not only enlighten you as to which colours suit you best. You’ll be clued-up in no time and confident in choosing whether those colours should be cool or warm (temperature); dark or light (depth); clear or muted (intensity); and how you should mix those colours for your best combinations (contrast levels).

There are so many reasons why knowing your best colour temperature, depth, intensity and contrast levels could change your life. I speak from stark experience, as referenced in these photos of Fiona and I pre-colour intervention (28ish yrs) versus post-colour intervention (40ish yrs). What a difference colour can make!

For those who need more evidence (although I can’t imagine why), knowing and buying garments in your personal colours and contrast levels means:

  1. Everything in your wardrobe will mix and match: no more garment ‘orphans’ which require you to buy something new just so you can wear it;
  2. Saving cash: discovering the colours that flatter you will mean you avoid forking out for garment mistakes that end up languishing in your wardrobe, unloved and unworn, with the constant reminder of an attached price tag;
  3. Saving time: imagine walking into a store and being able to scan it in seconds to establish whether they have anything for you?;
  4. You can create great capsule wardrobes: mixing and matching means no more laboring over what to wear to work or what to take away on holidays;
  5. You will project to the world a truer impression of you: colour psychology (i.e. the impact of colour on your own and other’s mood and perceptions) is well researched and hence, big companies spend a lot of money working on their branding – including what colours to use. The colours we wear can have just as much impact on how people perceive you; and last, but not least
  6. You’ll look fabulous: wearing the wrong or right colours can be the difference between looking like you need a sick day or like you’ve just returned from Tahiti.

But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Here’s a little ditty from our wonderful client, Angela O:

 “The Style Liberation colour session was a lot of fun and very relaxing. As somebody who loves to shop for clothes (and bargains!) I’ve never really thought about the role that colour plays in making me look ‘alive’ or a little ‘frumpy’. I could immediately see the impact that the wrong colour or shade had on my complexion…best of all I don’t need to remember a complicated palette of colours as the take-home swatches are small and simple; I’ll keep them in my handbag when shopping always!”

If you’d like to reap these and other benefits, book your Style Liberation Colour Analysis. You can book an individual session here or book a spot at one of our upcoming group sessions in Canberra (4th March 2018) or Brisbane (4th March 2018). Go on! It will be fun. We promise!

In the meantime download your free copy of 35+ Where to Shop. It’s a free guide, that classifies over 80 retailers by style personality, colour palette, body shape and dress code. We’ll find the perfect stores for you. Download it here.


AW17 Trend Update

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 /

This season there really is something for everyone. Remember, you’re looking for the trend that reflects your style personality, lifestyle, colour palette and body shape. If it ticks all of these boxes, then you’re on a winner.

Which one is right for you?

2017 A/W Trends: Colour - Warm and Cool


2017 A/W Trends: Coats and Jackets


2017 A/W Trends : Normcore


2017 A/W Trends: Bell Sleeves


Need some more shopping inspiration? Find shopping tricky? We’ve got the guide for you! 

Download your free copy of 35+ Where to Shop. It’s a free guide, that classifies over 80 retailers by style personality, colour palette, body shape and dress code. We’ll find the perfect stores for you. Download it here. 

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Style Liberation Does Singapore

Thursday, February 23, 2017 /


We’ve all had girl’s weekends away (Lord knows, not enough). Generally speaking though, we tend to venture no further afield than a short car or plane ride. Not this time!! With three friend’s celebrating milestone birthdays, we decided to step it up a notch. With newly-introduced direct flights from Canberra Airport to Changi International (with Singapore Airlines), before we knew it, we’d booked flights to Singapore for five glorious days! Here’s the wrap-up.

Fashion: The Style Liberation team could not go on such a trip without completing a thorough exploration of the retail offerings. We considered it our duty. While the currency and prices are quite comparable to Australia, what Singapore offers over Australia is brand options from all over the world. We spotted UK, American and Australian names, as well as unknown (to us) Asian designers, and department stores, such as Tangs and the quite unique Mustafa (open 24 hours and packed to the rafters with every possible thing you have never imagined but think you need when you see it). Both of us picked up a few little wins, mainly from Warehouse and Marks and Spencer, both UK brands.



Food: Hands-down, the highlight of the trip. Singapore is such a ‘salad bowl’ of cultures so the culinary options were endless and amazing. Even the nosh from shopping centre food courts was restaurant-quality and so CHEAP! We discovered a few local delicacies, and ate our way through China Town and Little India, but topping the best meal list was the chilli crab and beer dinner at Jumbos Seafood, bibs and all. Bit of a schlep, located out near the airport, but well worth it.


Fun: For many years, Singapore was considered just a stop-over. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard “I’ve only ever been to the airport”, I’d be rich. We’re here to tell you, it’s totally worth a dedicated trip, with or without kids. There is so much to do! Even child-free we didn’t manage to get around to all the sites. The highlight though (if you don’t count the food) was definitely Gardens by the Bay! Singapore is safe, friendly and so easy to get around. Transport is so organised with bus, train, monorail and taxi options. Taxis were surprisingly cheap too!


Fish: Worth a mention purely due to the hilarity that ensued when we tried the old fish-nibble foot treatment. Fiona loved it……not!


Friendships: There’s a comfort….. a ‘knowing’, that comes with spending quality time with close friends, especially ones that share your humour, beliefs, values and even politics. We had five uninterrupted days of this bliss! No time limits and many, many chats and laughs (lots of laughs) about life, work, kids and even global politics. And we walked SLOW!

Future: I’m sure you’ve picked up from this that we LOVED ‘The Singas’. So it got us thinking, “Why shouldn’t we share this amazing place with our awesome Style Liberation clients?” While we’re yet to work out the detail, we’re interested to hear from you: would YOU join us for a Style Liberation Ladies Trip abroad? If so, let us know here.

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How not to pack: Excess baggage alert!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 /


Example of a Capsule Wardrobe



I must admit, in the past, I was ‘that person’. You know the one? Struggling to haul their suitcase off the baggage carousel, a smidge mortified by the bright orange “Very Heavy” tag swinging from the handle. I stared in awe and wonder at those people jetting off with just a small carry-on bag. “They either have a full wardrobe waiting for them at their destination or they’re nudists,” I would think to myself. How could they possibly have everything they need in such a small bag?

I was under the illusion that more garments meant more options. It wasn’t until I went through my ‘Style Liberation’ that I learnt I could have just as much choice in a small carry-on bag as I did in 20-something kilos of ill-thought out, mish-mashed jumble of items. And those choices are far less stressful!

Fast-forward 10 years and now it’s me, rather smugly I might add, walking straight into the airport and onto the plane, with just my wee wheelie bag. Why? Because I know my Style Personality, colour palette and body shape. This means, every thing I own and buy mixes and matches in terms of style, shape and colour – the cornerstone of the perfect capsule wardrobe.

What is a capsule wardrobe? It’s a combination of 12 or so versatile items that mix and match perfectly, giving you endless possibilities at home or away. The capsule wardrobe shown here, 20 items, including shoes and accessories, will provide the wearer with endless outfit options, taking the wearer from day to night, formal to casual.

Capsule Wardrobe Presentation November 2016 (3)

Style Liberation will be hosting Capsule Wardrobe Workshops in Brisbane and Canberra on Friday 3 March from 6pm. To book click here, or call Fiona at Style Liberation Canberra (0422 633 659) or Kristi in Brisbane (0420 989 500).

In the meantime download your free copy of 35+ Where to Shop. It’s a free guide, that classifies over 80 retailers by style personality, colour palette, body shape and dress code. We’ll find the perfect stores for you. Download it here.

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Dark or light: Which depth of colour is right for you?

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 /


It’s one thing to know what colours suit us, but it’s equally important to know how light or dark these colours should be. The depth of the colours you wear could be the deciding factor in whether you wear the colours or the colours wear you!

In a Style Liberation Colour Analysis session, we’ll establish your ideal depth of colour and how to mix these for their best effect. The general rule is the deeper your hair, skin or eyes – deeper colours will be better for you. The lighter your hair, skin or eyes – lighter colours will be better for you. It’s not always as simple as that and the best depth for you will be based on a combination of factors and what contrast level is best for you (more on that later). Test it out. You may find some lighter colours wash you out. If so, you probably need to wear medium to deep colours. If you feel deep colours are too heavy for you, then you should wear light to medium colours.

If you’d like to know your ideal colour depth, book a spot at one of our upcoming group sessions in Canberra (27th November 2016) or Brisbane (13th November 2016). Don’t miss out, these are the last Group Sessions for the year. Or book an individual Style Liberation Colour Analysis session. Go on! It will be fun. We promise!


SS16 Trend Update – Dresses & The Cold Shoulder

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 /

It’s that magical time of year! The blossoms are starting to reveal themselves and we all begin to worry about donning summer gear and showing more skin……do not despair! There’s something for everyone amongst the 2016 Spring/Summer trends. As a self-professed lover of winter and its fashion, even I’m excited about what this season’s trends have to offer.

You’ve probably noticed already but the dress, in every shape, pattern, print, length and style is here in a big way. If you’ve got good pins (aka. Legs) the mini will be your pic. If, like me, you prefer to detract attention away from this area, there are plenty of midi and maxi options too.

Showing off your shoulders is another biggy in 2016, with off-the-shoulder and the ‘cold shoulder’ look gracing the spring/summer lines of most retailers.

Check out our Polyvore sets below for ideas and inspiration. Click to get all the details.

Get amongst it people! Even better, book a spot in one of our Melbourne Ladies Weekend sessions, and we’ll help you find and incorporate pieces that are ‘on-trend’ but still suit your style personality.


2016 Spring/Summer Trends: The Dress!
2016 Spring/Summer Trends: The Cold Shoulder

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Long Legs or Short Legs?

Thursday, August 11, 2016 /


ShortBodyLong Legs


Due to the art world’s penchant for creating images of the human body that are impossibly perfect and in proportion, the human eye likes……….no, actually, LOVES proportion. Case in point, Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian man, who is perfectly proportioned at eight of his own head lengths in height–four from head to hip join, and four from hip join to toe.

We’re here to reassure you though, that there are very few of us born with this perfect proportion.

Instead, the overwhelming majority (including me!) are usually seven to seven and half of their own head lengths in height and vary significantly when measured from head to hip and hip to toe.

Here’s a little ditty to illustrate. I vividly recall the night my girlfriend, Ms T, and I had our style consultation with the gorgeous Fiona. First up, as I sipped Champagne, she measured Ms T. All good. Then she measured me. Cue Fiona’s puzzled face. She measured my legs again…. and again. The puzzled face remained. She then measured Ms T’s legs twice more. More of the puzzled face. Why? Because she could not believe, despite my being approximately a head taller than our Ms T, that she found our legs to be exactly the same length!

So, if the human eye loves to see, and finds beauty in, proportion and balance, but most of us don’t have it, how do we create the illusion of it?

Here’s how! First you must know your body proportions. For example, my height is all in my body but mostly in my freakishly long neck (the longest Fiona has ever measured, in fact…….just call me giraffe lady). This makes me a long body/short legged person. Ms T is a long legged/short bodied person. Therefore, to create my (illusion of) proportion, I would follow the tips and tricks outlined in the Long body/Short legs image. Ms T, on the other hand, would create her (illusion of) proportion by following the tips and tricks outlined in the Short body/Long legs image.

Through an individual Style Analysis or one of our Style Liberation packages we can help you establish your vertical body proportions and provide you with more tips and tools to navigate them and many other types of body variations. So give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.


Autumn/Winter Trends 2016 – The Visual Feast

Monday, March 14, 2016 /

Yes, Autumn/Winter fashion is already here and we’ve got the guide to this season’s key trends. To find out where to purchase some of these beauties, click on the pictures below.

We’ll be shopping these trends and more on our Ladies Weekend in Melbourne at the end of April. Find all the details here.

Remember it’s not about being on trend, it’s about being current. So pick the pieces that really appeal to you and incorporate them into your wardrobe. Enjoy!

Autumnal Bliss

Autumnal Bliss by kristi-gooden featuring a ruched blouse


Denim by kristi-gooden featuring a long sleeve jacket


Victoriana by kristi-gooden featuring a wool blend coat

That 70's vibe

That 70’s vibe by kristi-gooden featuring blue shoes