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Autumn/Winter Trends 2016 – The Visual Feast

Monday, March 14, 2016 /

Yes, Autumn/Winter fashion is already here and we’ve got the guide to this season’s key trends. To find out where to purchase some of these beauties, click on the pictures below.

We’ll be shopping these trends and more on our Ladies Weekend in Melbourne at the end of April. Find all the details here.

Remember it’s not about being on trend, it’s about being current. So pick the pieces that really appeal to you and incorporate them into your wardrobe. Enjoy!

Autumnal Bliss

Autumnal Bliss by kristi-gooden featuring a ruched blouse


Denim by kristi-gooden featuring a long sleeve jacket


Victoriana by kristi-gooden featuring a wool blend coat

That 70's vibe

That 70’s vibe by kristi-gooden featuring blue shoes

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How to Use Your Colour Swatch

Monday, November 23, 2015 /

This is my first foray into video on this blog. Please be gentle.

I made the video to help you on your colour journey. Are you using your colour swatch to it’s full potential? Do you carry it about or is it sitting in a  drawer hiding behind your smalls? The video is a quick reminder about how to use your colour swatch and make the most from your investment.


How to Use Your Colour Swatch from Fiona Keary on Vimeo.

Find out more about my colour services here or get in touch at or 0422 633 659


Do you have one of these, it’s a colour swatch, or something similar? Is it in your handbag or is it lurking somewhere in the back of the drawer, unloved and unused? Have you spent money on a colour consultation but found that you actually haven’t made the most of your investment because you’re not using it?

Today’s video is a reminder on how to make the most of using your colour swatch. The first thing I want to remind you of, is that, in this particular swatch anyway, you have a cheat sheet up at the front. That’s just a summary of everything that would have been covered in your colour consultation. It covers important things like the contrast level that you use, prints and patterns that are going to work really well for you, texture that you should think about, and also gemstones and metallics that are going to work for you.

On the back of each swatch you’ll also find other information about a particular colour, so the name of the colour for example, the lifestyle effect, whether it is a core piece in your wardrobe, a basic colour in your wardrobe, or an accent colour, which scare children and small animals. You may also have a signature colour ticked. A signature colour is one that you would wear head to toe as an evening dress or perhaps even as a coat. A winter coat would be great. That’s just the high level stuff when it comes to your colour swatch.

Now a lot of people say to me, “But I can’t find those colours.” These are only 60 of your best colours. What that means is there are so many different variations of these colors that you’re not going to match exactly. What you want to do is try and find the colours that look like they sit within this colour palette. The easiest way to do this, and start on your own wardrobe first, is to take your swatch and compare it to things that you already have.

For example, if I compare it here, does it look like the colour belongs? Yes, it does. The top that I’m wearing is cool and the color palette that I’ve got in front of me is cool. However, if I put it against this very warm color, does it look like it belongs? No, it doesn’t. That’s the first thing: if it doesn’t, it’s not in your colour palette.

The second thing that you need to look at is the intensity of the colour.Do you have a muted colour palette, so a colour palette where it’s a little bit dusty or soft, or a clear palette where the colour is bright, rich or intense. That’s much easier to see than temperature sometimes.

Not every colour in your colour swatch is going to be the best colour for you. The reason being is it’s about creating the right level of contrast for you. I actually think this is the most important thing to get right, so I’ll actually do another video on that. Colour contrast is about mirroring what nature has given you. It’s a combination of your hair, skin, and eyes.

For me, my colour contrast is high because there’s quite a difference between my hair and skin. For me, if I was to wear a really light, pale color, what it will do is it’s too low-contrast against my skin and it will wash me out. I need to only use these colours when I layer, or use it in a print or pattern, or something like that. It’s just being mindful that if something isn’t feeling right about a colour from your colour palette, it perhaps is because you’re not getting the right level of contrast.

Have fun with your color swatch and practice coming up with lots of new color combinations that perhaps you haven’t tried before. I always say, if you’re not sure about how to combine color and you’ve got a particular piece you want to match with something else, use your color swatch. It’s a really great and easy way to explore using other colors without having to go and buy something else first. At least then when you hit the shops, you know the tone or the type of color that you’re looking to actually match with that item that you already have. It’s about having fun with it.

If you’d like some more tips and tools on how to use color or perhaps on style or body architecture, visit If you know of someone who would like to be liberated or have a color consultation done, all the details can be found at See you next time.

Find out more about my colour services here or get in touch at or 0422 633 659

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AW15 Top Picks: Cool & Muted/Triangle/Natural & Classic

Thursday, April 30, 2015 /

I do lots of shopping for clients which includes trawling the internet for great pieces for them to review before we hit the shops. Seeing as I’ve already done all the research I thought ‘hey’ why not share my top picks based on colour palette, body shape and style personality. So here’s the first instalment for all you gorgeous Cool & Muted, Triangle body shaped, Natural/Classics.

You want to look sophisticated but at the same time be comfortable so invest in wool and other natural fibres that breathe, keep you warm and allow you to move. This season grey is the new black and a fantastic neutral colour for those of you with a Cool & Muted palette. A great colour  to base the rest of your wardrobe around. As a Triangle shape the aim is to create width across the bust and shoulder line and this can be done by wearing a lighter colour on top, using a scarf as a focal point or adding volume to the bust line which the cream coat does perfectly. Keeping your bottom half streamlined using a neutral grey helps to balance out your proportions.

For work:


Cool Muted Triangle Natural Classic

L – R: David Lawrence Brooklyn Baby Wool Top in Violet $129.00, Mindy Textured Pencil Skirt $79.95 (reduced from $99.95), Forever New Callie Waterfall Blanket Coat in New Blonde $139.99, David Lawrence Ballet in Grey $159.00, Target Artisan Floral Scarf $20.00, Jigsaw Perforated Shopper in Dusty Blue $295.00.

For play:

Cool Muted Triangle Natural Play

L – R: David Lawrence Baby Wool Stripe Top in Navy Pacific $129.00, Sportscraft Cleo Twill Skirt in Navy $99.95, Sussan Diamante Ball Stud Earrings $12.95, Sussan Chain Knot Necklace $29.95, Country Road Assymetric Tunic in Light Grey Marle $149.00, Sportscraft Esme Ponte Pants in Navy $119.95, Target Moda 3/4 Sleeve Tee in Dark Purple $15.00, Sussan Navy Check Scarf $39.95, Marcs Katy Leather Chunky Zip Saddle Bag $229.00.

Would you like me to help you to discover your style and make your wardrobe work for you? For more information check out my services and get in touch for a chat to work out the best package for you.


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How to wear the colour of the year – Marsala

Thursday, February 5, 2015 /

According to Pantone, Marsala (Pantone 18-1438) is ‘the’ colour of 2015. Marsala is warm, rich and earthy and therefore perfect for Autumn/Winter 2015.

Who can wear it?

Due to its warm tones, Marsala complements the following colour palettes:

  • Warm & Muted
  • Warm, Muted & Dark
  • Warm, Muted & Soft (it may be a little dark to wear as a solid colour so I’d suggest using the colour as a layering piece)

A version of Marsala will also work for all the Warm & Clear palettes as well as Cool, Clear & Dark and Cool, Clear & Bright. Only if the shade is bright/clear rather than muted.

Sorry super cool people – this shade’s not for you.

Great pieces

Whilst you may not find the exact match in store, I’ve found the best variations of Marsala for this season.





Colour combinations

What do you wear it with other than black? Try these combinations:


If you’d like to find out if Marsala is right for you why not book a Colour & Style Transformation or join me at the next Group Colour Session on Sunday 22nd February.

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How to stop buying stuff you don’t need

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 /

Motion Blurred People in the Shopping Mall

What kind of shopper are you? Are you the random grab a bargain at lunch time type? Or the style stalker who surfs the net for hours looking for the perfect jacket but accidentally fills their shopping basket with everything but?

I used to think shopping was a sport, I’d set my alarm on a Saturday morning and see how much damage I could do on Oxford Street. I ended up with lots of clothes but nothing to wear. Luckily for my bank balance I now get my fix by shopping for others. Maybe I should change my name to the vicarious shopper?

Often the mistakes we make are due to impulse buying rather than having a plan for what we want our wardrobe to look like. You know the scenario, we have an event to go to on the weekend and we have 1 hour on Friday to buy an outfit. We can’t find anything and end up buying something because it will do rather than because we love it.

Here are my top tips for avoiding mistakes:

  • Review your wardrobe every season and ensure that you have an outfit for every occasion. You never know when an invitation to something special will pop up.
  • Shop when you need to and with a list. There’s no need to shop more than 4 to 6 times a year if you plan ahead for special occasions etc.
  • Only buy pieces you love. If you need to think about it, put it on hold and walk away. If you’re still thinking about it in 24 hours then you probably love it.
  • Remember the rule of 3. Will it go with at least 3 other pieces in your wardrobe?
  • If you buy something requiring alteration take it to the tailor straight away. Be honest, once you get it home it’ll find its way to the back of the wardrobe and you’ll forget about it.

Need help taming your wardrobe or finding the perfect piece? Check out Style Liberation services or get in touch for a chat.

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Style Personality: The Quick Guide

Thursday, January 22, 2015 /

I’m always going on about defining your style personality. That’s because I think it’s the most important step in putting together a wardrobe that is not only fabulous but also reflects you. If you’re not clear on what our style is you can often feel a little lost, confused and uncomfortable with what’s sitting in your wardrobe. Leading to the dreaded cry ‘I have nothing to wear!’ Actually you do, but you just don’t like what you have or how it goes together.

I used to have lots of pieces in my wardrobe that I loved in theory but they never made it out the front door. They fit well, were the perfect colour but every time I put the piece on and looked in the mirror I felt like a bit of an alien. It just wasn’t me – not my style.

To get you started I’ve listed the 7 common style personalities. Be aware, you probably won’t fit neatly into just one category (unless you’re a Classic), rather you’ll probably be a combination of 2 or 3. For example, at work you may be more Classic but for play you may be Natural. Your style personality can also change over time depending on your lifestyle. I experienced my Natural style personality kick in when I had children where wash and wear is a must.


The Natural


Everett Collection /

Relaxed and effortless. They prefer natural fibres and neutral colours. Naturals love nothing more than pulling on a pair of jeans, cargoes or linen pants and teaming it with a tee and flats. The look is all about comfort and practicality.


The Feminine


cinemafestival /

Soft and romantic look. They prefer draping or flowing fabrics, including ruffles and frills. Feminines love to wear dresses, embracing florals and other softly rounded patterns.


The Classic


K2 images /

 I like to call it the suited and booted look but being classic doesn’t necessarily mean that you only wear suits. Classic’s prefer timeless pieces in neutral colours. Pieces are usually semi-fitted and always appropriate.


The Elegant


Ricardo Esplana Babor /

Very similar to a classic in the sense that pieces are timeless, structured and streamlined. The difference is that they use richer colours such as purples, deep blues and reds. The look is polished and everything looks expensive (it doesn’t mean that it is but it looks that way).


The Sultry


Helga Esteb /

Oozes glamour and sex appeal. Sultry’s love body contouring clothing and bold colours. They love attention and would never leave the house without their hair and makeup done. They also have a fondness for animal print (insert leopard purr).


The Dramatic


JStone /

It’s all about the look rather than comfort. Highly stylised and always on trend (or creating them) dramatics love structure and colour. They wouldn’t think twice about doing the groceries in stilettos but let’s be honest they have probably outsourced this chore. These ladies are confident.


The Creative


s_bukley /

Quirky and fun, Creatives make up their own rules. They are known for their use of unexpected colour combinations (that just work). They use an eclectic mix of styles and shapes and love motifs on jumpers and tshirts.


If you’re still feeling stuck and would like to explore your style personality further take the quiz. Do this exercise as if there are no constraints in relation to lifestyle or budget. Why? No matter your circumstances there is a way of injecting the things you love into your everyday wardrobe.

Why not explore your style further at one of the Group Colour or Group Style Consultations coming up on Sunday February 22nd at the Hub – Canberra Centre. You’ll get all the tips and tools to create a fabulous wardrobe that truly reflects you. For more details click here.


What Do I Wear With This? Culottes

Thursday, January 8, 2015 /

Do you have a great piece in your wardrobe but you never wear it because you’re not sure what to wear with it? You love it, the piece fits perfectly and it’s a great colour so why doesn’t it work?

Often the solution is right in front of you. Sometimes it’s as simple as playing in your wardrobe and experimenting with what you already have. At other times you may need to invest in one or two pieces to make it work . If this is the case think strategically as any pieces that you introduce should go with at least three other items. If you are buying something to save one piece (unless you absolutely love it), it’s probably not worth the investment.

I was very excited to be invited into Jackie’s wardrobe as she has an amazing sense of style that I have admired for quite some time. So it’s a big thank you to Jackie for volunteering her ‘tricky’ piece  – a gorgeous pair of black Witchery culottes. She picked them up from an op shop on a road trip to Armidale a few years ago. Jackie has worn the culottes with a blouse and heels for work (see below) but would love to explore more options to get more wear out of them.

The piece

Witchery 3/4 cuffed culottes in black.


DSC_1659L-R: Witchery Culottes, Zara Blouse and Mimco Pumps

How do I wear it?

Culottes are a big trend this summer but can be a little tricky to wear. Like the midi skirt, length can be an issue especially when they finish mid calf (frumpy alert!). To ensure a super flattering silhouette always team them with a heel, even a small wedge will do. Culottes are a fantastic shape for Inverted Triangles as they give width to the lower half, creating a gorgeous hourglass shape. They’re also great for Hourglasses and Rectangles too. For Triangles, remember to add a focal point up top to balance the width of the pants, such as a pattern, a lighter/brighter colour or bold accessories.


For Jackie the aim was to create more options and experiment with the pieces that she already has. As with almost all pieces in your wardrobe you should be able to dress them up and down. Jackie already wears the culottes to work  so we looked at more casual options such as tees and denim. Here are the results:

 DSC_1662 DSC_1673 DSC_1681

L-R: Look 1.Grey t-shirt from American Apparel, Black sandals from Joanne Mercer, Rosette from Handmade Market. Look 2. B/W Strip tee from Sportsgirl, Denim jacket  from Levis, Beige sandals from Joanne Mercer, Red flower brooch from Topshop UK. Look 3. White sleeveless blouse from H&M, Red flower necklace from Lovisa, Black sandals from Joanne Mercer, Black Fijian pearl earrings.

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Top 5 Tuesday: Coastal Chic

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 /

This week I’ve been inspired by a weekend at the coast and the promise of warmer weather. So it’s more of a casual vibe this Tuesday with pared back basics combined with some fun prints. Enjoy!


L-R: Target Longline T-shirt in Grey $25.00, Sportscraft Bailey Woven Trilby in Natural $49.95, Alessi Chambray Short $59.95 from Birdsnest, Sussan Multi Geo Print Scarf $39.95, Condura Lacey Beach Bag in Yellow $24.95.

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What Do I Wear With This? The Retro Dress

Wednesday, November 12, 2014 /

Do you have a great piece in your wardrobe but you never wear it because you’re not sure what to wear with it? You love it, the piece fits perfectly and it’s a great colour so why doesn’t it work?

Often the solution is right in front of you. Sometimes it’s as simple as playing in your wardrobe and experimenting with what you already have. At other times you may need to invest in one or two pieces to make it work . If this is the case think strategically as any pieces that you introduce should go with at least three other items. If you are buying something to save one piece (unless you absolutely love it), it’s probably not worth the investment.

A big thank you to Jacqui for volunteering her ‘tricky’ piece  – a retro shift dress from the Salvo’s store in Fyshwick. Jacqui loves the dress for its feminine retro vibe but has found the shape and neckline a little tricky. She would love to wear it to work on ‘casual Friday’, out for dinner or meeting friends.

The piece

Retro shift dress in navy with a red and gold geometric print and tie collar.

How do I wear it?

Given its boxy and soft silhouette this dress is a fabulous style for all shapes. However, in order to create an even more flattering silhouette HourglassesTriangles, Rectangles may want to add a belt. This dress is trans-seasonal and is perfect for autumn through to spring. Great in the cooler months with a pair of brown boots and rich coloured jackets and cardigans. In spring pair it with brown sandals or wedges and some aqua accents




For Jacqui the aim was to make the retro dress feel modern and create a fabulous silhouette. We used a belt to cinch in the waist and create an hourglass shape. To make the dress look current we added other brown accessories such as the sandals and bag. Don’t worry about the accessories being a perfect match, they just need to be the same tone of brown. I recommended that she take up the hem by an inch and the same down the sides of the dress. For a very small investment you get the perfect fit.

DSC_1624 DSC_1623 DSC_1627 DSC_1629 DSC_1632

L-R: Belt from Supre, Handbag a gift from Nine West, Hoop earrings from Target, Blue Earrings an overseas purchase, Sandals from Fash n Treasure.

If you have a ‘tricky’ item that you would love some help with please email I will be featuring one piece per month and happy to work with what you have in your wardrobe or suggest something new. 

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Top 5 Tuesday: Adding warmth

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 /

It can be tricky at this time of year for those of you with a Warm & Muted palette to find the perfect top for work and play for those. Luckily I was shopping for a client on the weekend and we found a treasure trove of options at David Lawrence – very unusual for this time of year. Like I always say, if your colour is in, stock up because sometimes it can be difficult to find. Enjoy this week’s Top 5 this Tuesday.


Clockwise from top: David Lawrence Waterfall Top in Sangria $100.00, David Lawrence Ocean Silk Front Tee in Virtue $99.00, David Lawrence Eventide Silk Top in Calypso $160.00, David Lawrence Roma Linen Tee in Sangria/White $90.00, David Lawrence Sacramento Metallic Tee in Gold Marle $120.00.