Brisbane Group Colour Session


Nov 11
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Ashgrove Library, 87 Amarina Ave

Put a face to your business with a branding story photo session

Discover your best colours and how to wear them!

There are 3 main reasons that I highly recommend a colour analysis and they may not be what you expect.

1. Have you ever pulled items out of your wardrobe only to find you have nothing to wear with them? Is it because the colours don’t work together? Using a colour swatch (tailored for you) means that you can create a wardrobe where all your pieces mix and match. It’s the start of creating a capsule wardrobe.

2. You’ll look fabulous!

3. It’s no secret that big brands and organisations spend a lot of money working on their branding – including colours. What do the colours you wear say about you? Is it line with the image that you want to project?

We’ll discover the colours that flatter you and help you avoid mistakes that end up languishing in your wardrobe unloved and unworn. Plus we’ll give you the tools to shop with confidence and build a wardrobe full of pieces that mix and match to create great outfits for every occasion.

If you want to find out a little more about how to use a colour swatch check out the video below

The Colour Analysis – How it works.

You can wear just about every colour; it’s the shade of the colour that matters. The right colours make you look refreshed, glowing and healthy whilst the wrong colours can make you look washed out or ill. (Yes, we can even show you some sick day colours so that you can miss that event you’ve been dreading – not that I condone that).

We’ll use colour drapes to assess the best colour palette for you and customise it if necessary (some of you are very unique and we understand that). There will be lots of staring, we’ll stare at you, you’ll stare at us and you’ll stare at yourself. It’s ok, we understand that it may be a little uncomfortable so we give you a break every now and again or distract you with witty conversation.

Ta dah, we put together 60 of your best colours and off you go. Not so quick, we talk you through how to use your swatch, experiment with colour combinations and how to work with what you already have in your wardrobe. For those of you who discover they shouldn’t be wearing black we provide tissues.

You’ll receive:

  • Colour swatch with 60 of your best colours
  • Colour Guide with all the information that we cover in the session
  • Personalised advice as well as tips and tools to start you on the next phase of your style journey

Price: $225 per person

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