Personal Shopping.

This may surprise you: shopping for clothes doesn’t have to be a headache. We put in the time to stay up to date on what’s in store, on trend and on sale. That means that with our help, we’ll cut a path straight to a selection of clothes and stores that suit you down to the ground. You’ll come away with pieces you can mix and match, so you always look good and feel great.

How it works?

So we know what suits you (colour, style, personality and lifestyle) and we’ve created a shopping list so now it’s time to hit the shops. Not so fast, there’s some research to be done. Instead of aimlessly wandering the shops to find the pieces that are perfect for you, we’ll do an online and physical pre-shop pulling together options for you to review a few days before our scheduled shop. This:

  1. Ensures that we’re on the right track and we really understand your style. If we’re not, it gives us some time to come up with some other options;
  2. Saves time during the shop so we can spend the time trying on ‘winners’ rather just searching for them.

Through years of experience, we can guarantee we’ll suggest something you’ll say ‘no’ to. But be assured, we’re professionals with an eye for what’s going to work. So, humour us, and try it, you may just be surprised.

We work with all budgets and we’re not retail snobs so we’ll probably show you items ranging from Target to Net a Porter and everything in between. You will guide us and unless a piece is very special, we will not extend you beyond your budget.

If you like something that you try on during our shopping trip we ask that you put it on hold; a) because we may find something better; and b) we don’t want you to feel any pressure to buy.

At the end of the trip we’ll sit down and go through all the items that you have on hold and prioritise them. Then it’s up to you whether you hot foot it straight back to the stores to purchase or take your time and buy them as you need them.

A ½ day shopping trip takes 3 – 4 hours. We don’t do full day shopping trips because we can guarantee you’ll be well and truly over trying on clothes after the first 4 hours. We can last a day but that’s because we’re professional shoppers and we’ve built up the stamina for it (15,000 steps on the fitbit is the current record).

You’ll receive:

  • a detailed preview of options a few days before our shopping trip
  • tips on how and where to shop
  • tips on putting together great outfits
  • honest (yet diplomatic and constructive) feedback

Your investment:


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“After having a baby a year ago and about to launch my own business, I found myself with a wardrobe full of daggy and dated clothes that fitted poorly and that certainly didn’t reflect the kind of image that I wanted to project.

Working with Fiona was a fantastic experience! She made a real effort to understand not only my preferences in terms of look, but also my lifestyle. Her approach is not about having lots of clothes or spending lots of money, but rather having great pieces that look good, feel comfortable and can mix and match.

I normally dread shopping – and as a busy mum and small business owner – I simply don’t have the time, but Fiona made the process super efficient and fun too. From our sessions, I’ve gained an understanding of and how certain styles and colours work for me, and why some don’t. As a result, I have more enthusiasm and confidence in making great style choices!”

Clare Conroy