Wardrobe Rescue.

Every morning, do you face a wardrobe that’s packed to the brim, but with nothing to wear? Your wardrobe may harbour some hidden gems, but they’re buried under impulse buys and old jumpers. Maybe your career and lifestyle have changed to the point where old outfits won’t suit where you want to go.

The goal is a wardrobe with new and exciting ensembles, so you have an outfit for every occasion at a moment’s notice. The wardrobe rescue begins with understanding your lifestyle and needs. Together, we’ll agree on what items aren’t working, and what can stay. Then, we identify gaps and create a shopping list to suit your budget and new look.

How it works?

We come to your home, head straight to your wardrobe and start throwing stuff out. No not really. We’re ruthless but all items to be discarded or given away are subject to negotiation.

We start with completing the Wardrobe Rescue Questionnaire so we understand what you need from your wardrobe and what your priorities are. We systematically go through your wardrobe and identify which pieces should stay and which should go (including shoes and accessories). With the remaining items we’ll put together outfits and take photos so that you can remember what you have. During this process we’ll also identify any gaps that you need to fill such as ‘if only I had a pair of brown flats then these pants would work’. We’ll add these items to a shopping list and prioritise it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to get everything at once.

We know that some of you find it hard to part with items or frankly, don’t have the time. So we take those items that you have decided to let go of and we bin them or donate to charity (we don’t take your items and sell them on eBay – too much effort).

An average size wardrobe will take 2 – 3 hours to complete.

You’ll receive:

  • Tips on how to put together outfits, colour combinations and accessories.
  • Photos of great outfit combinations (some that you probably hadn’t thought of) already in your wardrobe.
  • A prioritised shopping list to fill in the gaps and expand your wardrobe even further.
  • Items to be discarded or donated removed so that you don’t have to.

Your investment:


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 Know someone who would like to be liberated? Gift vouchers are also available for services and packages. 

“I’ve saved so much money following the Style Liberation consultations. My shopping rule is that new items have to go with at least three items already in my wardrobe, including with clothes bought on impulse and languishing in the back of the wardrobe.

I now have a better understanding how to combine colour and style to  make an outfit come alive, teamed with the right accessories. On balance, I’m much more aware of what suits my figure, personality and age and more willing to experiment between my preferred ‘classic’ look and the more modern, fun look.”

Carmel Martin

During my wardrobe Rescue, it was exciting to get rid of the clothes that I knew no longer represented who really was. My wardrobe went from overflowing to streamlined, ordered and easily accessible. Choosing clothes has been made so much easier because everything in my wardrobe now works for me as a result of the confidence that Kristi has instilled in me. Kristi has an amazing talent for helping you realise your potential and be able to communicate that through the clothes that you wear. I knew that I would enjoy working with Kristi at Style Liberation from the beginning because she herself has a beautiful sense of style – something that now thanks to her I feel that I have learnt about myself.” 

Adriana Penman