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Style Personality: The Quick Guide

Thursday, January 22, 2015 /

I’m always going on about defining your style personality. That’s because I think it’s the most important step in putting together a wardrobe that is not only fabulous but also reflects you. If you’re not clear on what our style is you can often feel a little lost, confused and uncomfortable with what’s sitting in your wardrobe. Leading to the dreaded cry ‘I have nothing to wear!’ Actually you do, but you just don’t like what you have or how it goes together.

I used to have lots of pieces in my wardrobe that I loved in theory but they never made it out the front door. They fit well, were the perfect colour but every time I put the piece on and looked in the mirror I felt like a bit of an alien. It just wasn’t me – not my style.

To get you started I’ve listed the 7 common style personalities. Be aware, you probably won’t fit neatly into just one category (unless you’re a Classic), rather you’ll probably be a combination of 2 or 3. For example, at work you may be more Classic but for play you may be Natural. Your style personality can also change over time depending on your lifestyle. I experienced my Natural style personality kick in when I had children where wash and wear is a must.


The Natural


Everett Collection /

Relaxed and effortless. They prefer natural fibres and neutral colours. Naturals love nothing more than pulling on a pair of jeans, cargoes or linen pants and teaming it with a tee and flats. The look is all about comfort and practicality.


The Feminine


cinemafestival /

Soft and romantic look. They prefer draping or flowing fabrics, including ruffles and frills. Feminines love to wear dresses, embracing florals and other softly rounded patterns.


The Classic


K2 images /

 I like to call it the suited and booted look but being classic doesn’t necessarily mean that you only wear suits. Classic’s prefer timeless pieces in neutral colours. Pieces are usually semi-fitted and always appropriate.


The Elegant


Ricardo Esplana Babor /

Very similar to a classic in the sense that pieces are timeless, structured and streamlined. The difference is that they use richer colours such as purples, deep blues and reds. The look is polished and everything looks expensive (it doesn’t mean that it is but it looks that way).


The Sultry


Helga Esteb /

Oozes glamour and sex appeal. Sultry’s love body contouring clothing and bold colours. They love attention and would never leave the house without their hair and makeup done. They also have a fondness for animal print (insert leopard purr).


The Dramatic


JStone /

It’s all about the look rather than comfort. Highly stylised and always on trend (or creating them) dramatics love structure and colour. They wouldn’t think twice about doing the groceries in stilettos but let’s be honest they have probably outsourced this chore. These ladies are confident.


The Creative


s_bukley /

Quirky and fun, Creatives make up their own rules. They are known for their use of unexpected colour combinations (that just work). They use an eclectic mix of styles and shapes and love motifs on jumpers and tshirts.


If you’re still feeling stuck and would like to explore your style personality further take the quiz. Do this exercise as if there are no constraints in relation to lifestyle or budget. Why? No matter your circumstances there is a way of injecting the things you love into your everyday wardrobe.

Why not explore your style further at one of the Group Colour or Group Style Consultations coming up on Sunday February 22nd at the Hub – Canberra Centre. You’ll get all the tips and tools to create a fabulous wardrobe that truly reflects you. For more details click here.


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  1. I love this post! I can totally relate to the ‘I have nothing to wear’ conundrum even though I have so many outfits! X

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