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We’re going to take you on a journey and it’s up to you how far you’d like to go. You may just need a refresher, learn some new tricks and tools and you’re happy to make the changes yourself. Or you may want us to guide you through the entire process from discovering your style, decluttering and replenishing your wardrobe. At Style Liberation we don’t skip the steps. We always start at the beginning with Discovering Your Style rather than skip ahead to Wardrobe Rescue and Personal Shopping. Why? Because each step builds on the previous one and for us to provide you with the best options we need to know your colours, shape, style personality, lifestyle and what you already have in your wardrobe. We are committed to providing you with solutions that truly reflect you and that will save you countless hours and dollars into the future.

So let’s look at the Style Liberation journey.

1. Colour Analysis

Wearing your best colours will not only make you look fabulous. It will also make putting together a great outfit so much easier.

2. Style Analysis

Style is so much more than just the clothes you wear. It’s about your personality, values, lifestyle, understanding your body shape and what suits you.

3. Discovering your style

Everyone can look and feel fabulous. It’s just a matter of finding clothes and accessories that bring out your best qualities. Why force yourself into fitting someone else’s image? In this session we combine both colour and style.

4. Wardrobe Rescue

Create a wardrobe that you love.

5. Personal Shopping

Buy pieces that you love and stop wasting valuable hours, spending money on clothes you’ll never wear.

6. Profile Shots

Styling and photography.


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“Before meeting Fiona, I confess to having many wardrobe disasters and many clothes that I didn’t wear. This is no longer the case and my wardrobe is now smaller and yet I have more outfits to wear by mixing and matching (which Fiona taught me). Friends regularly comment on my choice of clothes and I feel more confident with my fashion choices.

Fiona is a warm and passionate person. She is a great presenter and a fabulous image consultant.  I would recommend her to everyone.”

Louise Carter